Curdin Derungs


I’m currently heading the GISLab of the University Research Priority Program (URPP) Language and Space. The general goal of the URPP is to explore the relation between language and space from multiple perspectives, including computational linguistics, linguistic typology, dialectology, interactional linguistics and GIScience, the later constituting the key perspective of the GISLab. The main focus of our research group is to tackle questions such as How can novel geographic information be extracted from language data and in particular text? or How does GIScience contribute to gain a better understanding of language evolution and change?

I’m a trained geographer with a focus on Geographic Information Sciences (at UZH) and Atmospheric Sciences (at ETH). In my master thesis I dealt with the question What is a mountain? Where is a mountain? and thus introduced an approach for physically modelling mountain probabilities from an elevation model, given the user feedback from an online questioner.

In 2010, after working for two years in the public and private sector, I decided to go back to academia and to start a PhD at the University of Zurich. The thesis is available under this link. In short: I introduced automatic approaches for extracting landscape perception directly from text. The thesis is methodologically related to work in geographic information retrieval and the spatial data sciences.  As theoretical foundations I referred to a body of literature in enthnography (i.e. ethnophysiography), psychology and linguistics. The results of the thesis are published at several conferences and a series of publications.

An up to date CV can be found here…

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