Curdin Derungs

In a Nutshell

curdin_sI’m currently leading the GISLab, a small research group of the Language and Space initiative at the University of Zurich. The goal of the GISLab is to contribute computational approaches to the intersection of geography and linguistics. Broad research questions might be; How can spatial analysis and statistics help to understand the evolution of language? or, How can new spatial information be automatically retrieved from language data?

This second research question is strongly related to my PhD thesis were the aim was to mine large compilations of text for information on how landscapes are described, perceived and also, how landscapes changed over time.

Going further back in time: After my studies of geography, with a focus on geographic information sciences (UZH) and atmospheric physics (ETH), I collected work experience in the public and private sector, working as a GIS project manager for the city of Zurich and as a risk analyst for a reinsurance company.

My leisure I enjoy being in nature. Some impressions are collected on my partner and I’s outdoor blog.

Apart from the information compiled on this homepage, there is also a LinkedIn profile as well as a Google Scholar page.

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